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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Canine Cafe?

Different from the term “Dog cafe” - we are a place where dogs are treated as welcome guests, not just as extras.
Our goal was to develop and give dog owners a space where they can enjoy a light snack and drink with their canine companion while also relaxing and getting some work done on their laptop, study for an exam, or simply enjoy somewhere to unwind out of the house.

We wanted to give dog owner's a more casual indoor space to enjoy their pup, beyond just being forced onto a patio - especially with the bitter cold New England winters limiting where you can go with your dog once that weather hits. It will be wonderful to come in from a frigid day to enjoy a warm drink with a four-legged friend.


2. Can my dog play with other dogs here?

Unfortunately, we are not a dog park. Designed by a dog trainer who has spent over a decade of her life helping nervous dogs, Ashy wants to cater to them as much as she does the overly friendly pups as well. We want to give every dog the opportunity to enjoy their time out in the real world, without the pressure of over-socializing or being bothered by the regular outside stressors.

We may create play days in the future as special events, but for now we want to be accommodating for even the most introverted of pups.

3. Is there an age limit?

Dogs must be at least 12 weeks old and have their final round of vaccines before entering our space, for their own safety. However, 16 weeks is the most ideal age for any pup to start experiencing the world. This lets their final vaccine have time to take full effect.

There is no age limit for humans, however, we do ask that any parents have control of your child and be understanding that not all dogs want to be pet by other people. We need to be respectful of the other animals in our space and always ask an owner first. This is a space for dogs first, and we need to respect their boundaries if they want to be left alone.

4. Do you allow dogs on muzzles?

Yes, of course!

We understand dogs come from all walks of life and we celebrate owners who take the steps they need to to help their dog enjoy a comfortable life in the real world. Pup In A Cup was created and developed by Ashy who has been a dog trainer for over a decade who specialized in behavior modification and aggression cases. Giving muzzled dogs a space where they are just as welcome as the friendly puppy down the road was one of her main visions and goals when creating Pup In A Cup.

5. Do you host parties/events?

Yes! We are happy to host an event for you. We can do private meet-and-greets for pups, birthday parties, and more! You can contact us for scheduling and pricing.

6. Are the teas safe for dogs?

Of Course!


All of our teas on the dog menu are specially designed and brewed with dogs in mind. Steeped at a lower temperature (and always steeped first if you order something for you and your dog to give maximum cooling time), we make sure that their tea is not too hot - since we can’t warn them like we can with people. If we feel it is too hot, we will add an ice cube as well to cool it further before giving it to you to serve to your dog.

Our single ingredient and herbal supplement teas were chosen and designed with the help of a canine nutritionist to ensure they were safe for the general dog; and all flavors are personally tested and approved by Ashy's resident picky pooch, Athena.

If your dog has any allergies or health conditions, please let us know so that we can help guide you in choosing which tea or blend may be best for your dog.


7. Why are there separated space?

Our lounge is designed to be fully separate from our take-out area. This is a state health department requirement and is unfortunately not up to us at this time.

We have designed our kitchen to have absolutely no direct access to a space where dogs are present. We use a two-door system to ensure full separation at any given time from where we prepare your smoothies and bakery goods.

If the law chooses to change, we are happy to open up our space more between the retail and the lounge, however we will always keep our two-door policy to remain fully sanitary while preparing treats for you and your dog.

8. What if I don't have a dog?

Even If you don't have a dog, you are still more than welcome to come enjoy the space with us! We have a human menu for drinks and snacks as well that we are sure you will like.

We do ask you to be respectful of owners with dogs and do not overly distract or stress out their pups. We strive to create a calm and welcoming environment, and ask that you do the same.

Have more questions?

Simply contact us, and we'll be happy to answer them!

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