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happy dog sitting in dog cafe

Welcome To Pup In A Cup

Our dog-friendly cafe is a brand-new experience for you and your dog to enjoy, truly side-by-side. In an ever-changing, ever-growing world - we have forgotten to evolve and adapt our ways to include the family most people prefer to keep behind closed doors. Our mission is to open that door and allow our canine companions to experience more of your life, and your adventures alongside you.

Who We Are

 Pup In A Cup strives to create a truly connected experience between you and your dog, allowing them to enjoy the same drinks and foods alongside you, not just as unhealthy table scraps. With each of our human items we strived to create something equal or as similar as possible for our canine companions. They are so close you may not even know which one to eat! We want to truly bridge the gap between pet and friend.

We blend our smoothies and brew our teas by the order, so you can be assured that you are getting as fresh of an experience as possible, each time. All of our canine teas have been evaluated by a canine herbalist to make sure the ingredients are safe for regular use in dogs as well as we strive for quality of life over quantity sold. 

Meet Ashyana Hall


Pup In A Cup was founded by local dog trainer Ashyana Hall. Over the course of 10 years she has experienced nearly every field the ever-expanding dog industry has to offer; from daycares to kennels, from obedience training to behavior modification and protection training.

She noticed one thing was sorely lacking in every single field, a place where we as owner's can truly experience the world alongside our dogs. Sure, there is outdoor seating for dogs at restaurants, but that is seasonal at best in frigid New Hampshire, and your dog is an accessory, not a companion. Ashyana set to work on creating a new experience for owner and dog alike.

Ashyana Hall, the owner of Pup In A Cup

Meet Athena

Resident Taste Tester

When Ashyana was working as a dog trainer in 2018, she decided she wanted to get her dream dog breed: an Akita. As she was making plans with one of her favorite breeders, a young Akita came in for boarding and training at the facility she worked at, and they never left… That was Athena!

Athena’s owner was in the process of moving, and they couldn’t take her along. Rather than give her to a shelter, Ashyana volunteered to take her in. She was a beautiful pup and Ashyana fell in love with her instantly. Now, six years later, Athena is truly her soul pup who goes everywhere with her.

When it comes to eating, Athena has always been great with human food and has never been much of a beggar. So, when Ashyana decided she wanted to give her healthy treats it was a challenge. Milkbones were out, she turned her nose up to Rachel Ray, and she never dared try a Beggin' Strip. She wouldn't eat any fruit offered to her—she acted like it was poison. But one day, when Ashyaba was making a smoothie, she noticed Athena was watching very closely. So, she poured a little bit of her berry smoothie (knowing all the ingredients were dog safe) into a small bowl, and Athena loved it! This is currently "Athena's Blend" in our dog menu.

Once Ashyana decided to create Pup In A Cup, Athena became the official taste tester. She tried all sorts of different blends and ratios to see what picky pup would actually eat and enjoy.

After smoothies, they began trying different types of teas. Ashyana personally love tea, so she wanted share more of her life with pup. Finding single-ingredients and blends that Athena enjoyed was even tougher than the smoothies, but they continue to expand her palate - and our menus - using her as our resident taste tester!

If Athena likes our smoothies and teas, then most dogs will, too!

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